Delivery Pump

AQ/DDP 7800

Typical Applications:
Water Treatment/RO
Distillation Equipment
Agricultural Spraying
General Industrial


Product Description

328008 – AQ/DDP 7800


Typical Applications:
Water Treatment/RO
Distillation Equipment
Agricultural Spraying
General Industrial


These pumps are designed for intermittent duty,though most models can be run continuously for hours at a time. They are commonly used either to pressurize water from an atmospheric tank, to deliver purified water to a specific point of use, or simply to increase pressure when required.
These pumps can be controlled by either a pressure switch (?demand? mode) or an external power control device (?delivery? mode). When required, an integrated bypass can be incorporated to help regulate pressure levels.


POWER: Available motors from 12VDC to 230VAC, energy requirements between 25W-100W (depending on flow, pressure). Can be used with compatible transformers and/or DC power supplies, to be ordered separately. Standard terminations are 12?, stripped end leadwires. Connectors and power cords are also available.
ENVELOPE DIMENSIONS: Approximately 3?x 4?x 7?, weighing 6 lbs.
MOUNTING: All positions. Standard offering is a steel mounting base with four hollow rubber grommets.
CONTROL OPTIONS: Internal Bypass (20-200 psi), Pressure Switch (40-100 psi)
FITTINGS: 5800 Series options include built-in 3/8?, 1/4?, or 5/16? John Guest half cartridges. 7800
Series options include 3/8? or 1/2? hose barb, quick connect fittings.


One Aquatec Delivery Pump DDP 7800
Model Number: 7864-7E01-B704


Inclusa. Original do fabricante.


Por conta do cliente comprador, conforme manual de instruções.


Please read these Operational and Installation Guidelines before installing the ?DDP? Delivery/Demand Pump. If additional help is needed, please consult the Factory.

SERIES 550, 5800 & 7800
Please read these Operational and Installation Guidelines before installing the ?DDP? Delivery/Demand Pump. If additional help is needed, please consult the Factory.
1. Do not operate the pump above the pressure limitations specified on the data label.
2. Never operate the pump in a harsh environment or hazardous atmosphere, since motor brush and switch may cause electrical arcing.
3. Consult with the factory if the pump is to be used with fluids other than water. Do not use with flammable or hazardous fluids.
4. As long as there is inlet water pressure, the pump will not stop forward flow of water even if the motor is turned off. Be sure the system has positive means of shutting off water supply.
5. Always consider electrical shock hazard when working with and handling electrical equipment. If uncertain, consult an Electrician. Electrical wiring should only be done by a qualified Electrician per Local and State Electrical Codes.
A. The pump should be mounted in a dry place and away from any source of heat. If an enclosure is used, special instructions for cooling the motor may be necessary. Consult the Factory.
B. Do not subject the pump to extreme high or low (freezing) temperatures while in operation. (Operating ambient temperature range is 32ºF to 115ºF).
C. The pump may be mounted horizontally with the outlet port on the right when viewed from the pump end or with the pump above the mount; or vertically with the pump above or below the motor.
A. The pump is equipped with either a pressure sensing demand switch, a bypass relief valve, or both which controls the maximum safe operating pressure.
B. We recommend use of flexible tubing with proper pressure rating.
C. Pump will prime only if all pressure is relieved from outlet port.
D. It is recommended that debris-free water be pumped or an in-line sediment filter (100 mesh) be installed at the inlet side to keep foreign debris out of the system.
E. The pump should always be mounted prior to any components which could introduce particles to the water; thus, preventing them from entering the pump chambers and possibly causing clogging.
F. Avoid any sharp bends which may crimp tubing and restrict flow. Use 90º elbow fittings if necessary. Aquatec provides pumps with different kinds of fittings. Please consult Factory for your needs.
A. The DDP series pumps are designed for intermittent duty, but may run continuously if the motor temperature does not exceed the recommended limit. Some DDP Series Pumps are equipped with thermally protected motors and in case motor temperature exceeds thermal cut-out rating, pump will shut down and will not restart until motor cools down to specified temperature. Please consult the appropriate Data Sheet for continuous running parameters, noting the effect of rapid On/Off Cycling (paragraph 9, page 2).
B. If a power supply is used with the system and the supply is not furnished by Aquatec, it will need to be reviewed for correct application and approval by Aquatec

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Observações Gerais

Q .Received boost pump without installation instructions
A. See IMI 102, CDP 6800 and 8800 Installation Instructions

Q. Received delivery pump without installation instructions
A. See IMI 104, DDP 5800 and 7800 Installation Instructions

Q. The R.O. system is not working properly
A. See IMI 147, R.O. Boost Pump Troubleshooting guide

Q. The CDP continuous duty pump, runs continuously
A. See IMI 156, Automatic Shut Off Valve?s effect on the PSW?s shut off ability

Q. The pump that delivers water from the holding tank to the refrigerator is noisy
A. The pressure switch controlled demand delivery pump is probably delivering more water than the icemaker can accept (usually about 1/4 gpm at 35 psi), and is momentarily reaching its shutoff pressure. Use a lower flow pump, and add an accumulator between the pump and refrigerator if necessary. Open the ?high voltage drinking water delivery pumps? selection chart, section A, for recommended choices.

Q. What effect does feed pressure have on the tank/faucet pressures?
A. None. The flow of water to the membrane will increase, but 80 psi pump discharge pressure will not change due to the preset by pass pressure.

Q. What effect does higher by-pass pressures have on tank/faucet pressures?
A. Since the pressure entering the membrane has increased, so will the pressure exiting the membrane, at the expense of flow, however.

Q. What is the membrane rating based on?
A. Based on 95% rejection of TDS levels at 600 ppm and 60 psi membrane feed pressure, in a 70 degree F ambient environment.

Q. The boost pump output pressure is only 60psi?
A. Assuming you have not adjusted the by pass setting, you may be using a membrane with a permeate production higher than the pump can supply. Either switch to a higher flow pump, or go to a lower rated membrane.

Q. Are low feed pressure shut off switches (LPS) available?
A. The LPS comes with the appropriate wire harness, but a tee with a 1/8? NPT female center port is not provided.

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